Todd A. Stevens
President and Chief Executive Officer

William E. Albrecht
Non-Executive Chairman


Robert A. Barnes

Executive Vice President, Operations

Shawn M. Kerns

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Roy Pineci

Executive Vice President, Finance

Michael L. Preston

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and
Corporate Secretary

Marshall D. Smith

Senior Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Charles F. Weiss

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs

Darren Williams

Executive Vice President, Exploration

  Carlos A. Contreras

Vice President, Commercial

Paul J. Deiro

Vice President, Government Affairs

Elizabeth A. DeStephens

Vice President, Reserves and
Corporate Development

Scott A. Espenshade

Vice President, Investor Relations

Ivan I. Gaydarov


Michael S. Helm

Vice President and Controller

Cynthia J. Johnson

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Chad M. Jones

Vice President, Operations – Northern Operations

Francisco J. Leon

Vice President, Portfolio Management and
Strategic Planning

Darren K. Mallick

Vice President, Operations Finance

Kurt E. Neher

Vice President, Business Development

Noelle M. Repetti

Vice President, Tax

James E. Robinson

Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment

Alana A. Sotiri

Vice President, Human Resources

Margita N. Thompson

Vice President, Communications

Daniel S. Watts

Vice President, Compensation and Benefits

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