Shared California Values

California Resources Corporation (CRC) and its joint ventures operate exclusively in California. All of our properties, facilities and investments are located in California; all of our oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids and electricity is produced in California; and 100 percent of our employees work in California. Working exclusively in California means that all of our operations are subject to California’s world-leading safety, labor, human rights and environmental standards and overseen by more than 20 federal and state agencies.

CRC was the first company in the oil and natural gas industry to enter into a statewide Project Labor Agreement with the California State Building and Construction Trades Council, which represents over 450,000 California workers in more than 300 local unions. We did so shortly after our formation as an independent company to ensure that our facilities are built and maintained with a safe, highly qualified workforce. This agreement paved the way for other oil and gas companies, including several of the state’s major refineries, to enter into similar project labor agreements that help make long-term, positive impacts on working families and businesses across the state.