Renewable Energy

California Resources Corporation (CRC) believes that oil and natural gas production and renewable energy complement one another, particularly when co-located to share existing infrastructure and land use in longstanding oil and gas fields. More than 30 percent of CRC’s purchased electricity comes from renewable sources.

Renewable energy projects require significant contiguous surface acreage. CRC and its predecessor have enabled third-party solar developers to develop 735 megawatts (MW) of planned or operating commercial solar projects over our mineral properties through surface waiver or mutual use agreements. Even though mineral interests are the dominant estate in California and can prevent inconsistent surface uses that would interfere with efficient access to underlying mineral rights, CRC has facilitated over 25 solar projects in recent years through surface waiver agreements including 14 large-scale solar projects ranging from 5 MW to 215 MW. Under those agreements, CRC relinquished control over significant portions of the surface access, while reserving consolidated access to underlying minerals through drilling islands.

In addition to supporting third-party commercial solar, one of CRC’s 2030 Sustainability Goals (JPG) is to generate our own renewable power and integrate that directly with our oil and gas operations. In 2019, CRC entered into Power Purchase Agreements for 40 MW of behind-the-meter solar projects to power multiple CRC fields. We expect to pursue financing and utility interconnection studies for these projects in 2020. In addition, CRC designed a 2 MW solar carport project to power our largest office in Bakersfield.

The combined over 777 MW of CRC and third-party projects, when built and operating, could power every electric car in California today. We are also evaluating multiple potential renewable projects and technologies that complement our operations and utilize our substantial acreage, wells and facilities in California.

Renewable Energy Purchases Continue to Increase

Learn more about CRC’s Long-Term Commitment to Safety and Sustainability (PDF) and read our 2019 Sustainability Report (PDF).