Health and Safety

Health, safety and the environment are central elements of California Resources Corporation’s (CRC) core values of Character, Responsibility and Commitment and our HSE principle to safeguard people and the environment in the design, operation and maintenance of our facilities. We work actively to reduce potential risks in our operations by setting consistent expectations in our job planning and contractor selection, empowering and training our workforce as safety leaders, and supporting them with safe work practices, technology and rigorous maintenance and asset integrity programs. All employees, suppliers and vendors have the authority and responsibility to stop any activity – without repercussions – that they perceive may be unsafe or may give rise to an environmental incident. Reporting of stop work events and other incidents is mandatory for employees, contractors and visitors alike, so that we can review and learn from them to prevent recurrence.

California’s stringent health, safety and environmental laws and regulations, pioneering greenhouse gas (GHG) Cap and Trade program, renewable energy and energy efficiency mandates and ambitious goals to advance carbon neutrality are summarized in CRC’s 2021 Annual Report on Form 10-K (PDF), along with specific risk factors that these laws, regulations and policies pose for CRC as an energy company that operates exclusively in California.