Snapshot Brochures

CRC’s Snapshot brochures provide information about the company’s operations and the oil and natural gas industry in California. The brochures are two pages; the first page includes facts specific to CRC and the second page includes facts about the California oil and gas industry.

California Oil and Natural Gas Industry Overview 2018 California Oil and Natural Gas Industry Overview
CRC Snapshot 2018 CRC Overview
CRC Snapshot 2018 Kern County Kern County
CRC Snapshot 2018 Ventura Ventura
CRC Snapshot 2018 Los Angeles Los Angeles
CRC Snapshot 2018 Southern California Southern California
CRC Snapshot 2018 Sacramento Sacramento

Water Brochure

CRC’s 2019 Water Brochure includes information about the company’s water use, conservation and recycling, and provides an overview of our efforts to operate as a responsible member of the community.

CRC 2019 Water Brochure CRC 2019 Water Brochure


Energy has a critical daily impact on everyone, both as energy consumers and producers. We need energy production for transportation fuels, not just for our own commutes but to deliver our food, clothing and virtually all products we use every day. We also need energy production to generate our electricity, from charging our smart phones to pumping our drinking water to lighting our homes and schools, to charging electric vehicles. A central issue for Californians is making sense of complex issues and technical information about the oil and gas industry, including the production, transmission, cost and benefit of energy. Below are a series of infographics designed to present this information in an easy-to-understand way.

Health, Safety and Environment

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